About Us

Ecoray was originally designed in California for use in coral aquaculture and wholesale operations.  The goal was to design a light fixture that was extremely energy efficient, produced PAR in excess of 400 at 24″ for growing SPS corals and clams, had overall color temperature of 20,000K to 25,000K, easy to maintain, highly durable and affordable.  Most models in the market today produce low PAR value (50 to 150) at 24″, use housings made of galvanized steel that will corrode in about one year or housings made of plastic material that will discolor or are very expensive.

Ecoray achieves all of the design goals above and more.   It is extremely energy efficient and produces very little heat.  It produces PAR at 24″  from center in excess of 400 for 72DX, 500 for 112DX and 600 for 112D allowing you to raise the light higher above the water level if necessary for ease of maintenance while providing wider light coverage.   It has a combined color temperature of 20,000K to 25,000K.  It uses commercial grade corrosion-resistant all aluminum housing for long lasting operation under the most demanding environment.  It is for these reasons that the Ecoray LED lights are used by many well-known coral exporters such as Walt Smith International in Fiji, Underwater World and Pacific Aqua Farm in Los Angeles and many other exporters, retailers and aquaculture operations around the world.  With the supplied L-brackets (for use inside a canopy) and hanging wires, Ecoray is suitable for use in home reef aquarium. Hobbyists who are serious of growing their corals, clams and SPS will get the benefit of commercial grade LED lighting at highly competitive pricing.


Ecoray 72DXs are used to grow these magnificent Maxima clams at a large coral farm in the South Pacific.



Ecorays used in Walt Smith International Fiji facility


Ecoray 112DX’s used in Underwater World facility, 5ft above water level.
2014-05-16 11.00.00
Ecoray 60’s used in Pacific AquaFarm facility (left raceway)